Welcome to Delta cooling towers. 25 years of experience and a road ahead…….


Experience is not only what happens to man. It is also what a man does with what happens to him”.

We have almost 25 years of experience in the field of industrial water cooling towers in the diverse industrial sector. Over the years we have executed lot of challenging jobs with the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We have a comprehensive expertise in cooling towers industry with a great team of excellent and highly efficient personnels. We are a reputable company, dedicated to provide excellent performance and impressive services to our clients.

Delta’s quarter century experience and exposure in cooling towers and non chemical water treatment devices opens the door to overseas opportunity to supply to the potential industrial customers.

We are very pleased to win the confidence of our clients. Their continued confidence in the form of repeat orders make us proud and encourage us to deliver the best. We consider the repeat orders as the certificate to our capabilities.

We gain strength, by every experience we have during various critical jobs.